Top 7 way to increase your monthly salary.



So the year 2015 is started and our salary is same, what it was in 2014. Am I right? , if I am right, so when we will increase our salary, in 2016 or in 2020?. Below is some way to increase your monthly salary.


1. Time management

Time management is important in our life. No matter who we are and how much money we make, but there will still 24 hours in a day. So we should focus our energy on source of income that we can easily reproduce.


Any work that you are doing, you should be a master in that you know in and out of that system, focus on your work.


2. Leader or Leadership


Leadership is a great mantra for success in today's world. if you hit 6 sixes in a row and you don't know how to manage a team, then no use of that power. leader means the brain power, you should be smart and in life is the ability to recognize an opportunity before anyone else. Best way to keep your mind and your eyes open and never stop engaging with the world in creative ways.


Expose yourself whenever possible and viewing something from all angles is the best way to really understand it. So, be a leader.


3. Change The Job

You are doing the same job with the same company and salary, so better way to learn new technology, the new system, whatever is your field. Just learn what is new in your field and try some other company, definitely they will offer you better salary then current company.


If same company offers you good salary then stay there and enjoying your life, but you will never learn new tech on the same project.


4. No

Be expert or master in one work and in one technology first. taking on too many projects and working on too many technology also lead to increased stress and there is less opportunity to grow. So say NO if you are not confident on any work, don't try to impress anyone, because you are wasting your time. Try to impress yourself and see the growth.


5. Successful people

Always try to read about successful people, how they plan, where they invest and how they manage their work in a smooth way. This will help you to motivate, love your work same how successful people do. A great way to achieve financial success to be acting like you already have.


6. plan Maker

Making plan is a 2nd success mantra, if you are capable in making plan that means you know how to handle any problem, any issue. You have idea how much should i invest. For week or for a month you should make a plan and follow that instruction, even it will good if you write down your plan.

7. Prioritize your work

First divide your work, which is important and make a plan according to that, identify and focus your energy on proven source of increase or project with a good probability of paying off big time.