Top Tips To Bench guys



I am on bench from last 6 months, I am on the bench for 4 months, I am on for a year. This all is a very common line, we always heard. But why cann't we ask ourself ??.



There are a number of reasons for bench strength. Like company waiting for new projects and so it maintains batch strength or resources is not capable of existing projects.


Some time batch is a bad place, because we don't have any work. but if we really thing then it will be best time to learn a new techonolgy, you are working on any technolog it may be oracle, java, flex, .net, mainframe, any tools. If you are free then you learn, because no one ask you what are you doing when you are on bench.


I was on the bench for 2 months, and I utilized that time to find another job and after that I had offer letter from 6 companies. and also with high package, it is 4 times to total my experience. So this is utilization of bench time.


You can utilize bench time to improve your communication skill also, MNC companies always conduct training like communication training, behavioral training, management training, technical training. You can utilize that time to attend training rather than complain, I am on the bench.


You are fresher, so you prepared or attend training or speak with your friends and do practices for any language. Because this is your time to learn, read some tech news, at least you have an idea what is new in the market.


And you are experience, so read and learn your technology and change the job. Find another job with no bench and high package