html Interview Question And Answer


1. what is html?

html is hyper text markup language.



2. what is a use of html?

html is used to designing/creating a simple web pages.


3. why html called as hypertext markup language?

hypertext:- hyper means into web pages inserting,images,text,hyperlinks etc.

MARKUPLANGUAGE:- user interface language(this html coding is write it into notepad,for creating web pages doesn't required any software to install).


4. what is tags? write a sytax of opening & closing tags?

Tags are keywords (tag names) surrounded by angle brackets (like )
Opening Tags: html
Closing Tags: /html


5. which four imp tags used in html?write it an correct sentax?

There are four tags are used in html. many heading tags used in html?

there are six heading tags are used in html.



7.which tags used to link to both pages and give its details &syntax?


To linked a page by using href> Tag is used.
Href means Hypertext REFerence.
syntax :


8.creating web pages by using html are static or dynamic?

static web pages creating by using html coding. to hide your data from user, by using which tags with example?

Comment tags are used to hide or comment ur data into main output.
Example :


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