We need ‘Gandhi-mukt’ Congress, not ‘Congress-mukt’ Bharat.




What better captures the Congress sense of feudal entitlement than Rahul Gandhi’s famous statement that “Congress is India’s default operating system”. This smacks of the sort of sense of ownership over India (“Baap ka maal” to use Mumbai slang) that has enraged most of the electorate. Thus, we witness the ludicrous spectacle of Rahul and Sonia’s “Save Democracy March”, in response to Sonia being named in the Augusta Westland investigation. As if our democracy cannot survive the news that the Gandhis were less than upright!


The first step to recovery is to admit you have a problem and the Congress has 3 major ones: its dynastic obsession is preventing grass-root leadership from rising; its socialist, paternalist economic policy of sops and schemes are out of touch with modern, aspirational, India; and its “smile and wink” tolerance of corruption has destroyed the party’s soul. Unfortunately, rather than admit the problem, its sclerotic, incompetent leadership, alternates between denial, bluster and lies.


the terminal decline of the Congress and the rise of regionalism (and protest parties like AAP) is scary. But there is hope yet. The Congress still pulled together 19 per cent of the national vote in the 2014 election and they still have a strong brand reacall. However, instead of continuing to dig their grave, they need to take some tough decisions.


the thought of a “Mahagatbandhan” government at the center, like the one we recently got in Bihar is too scary to contemplate – a coalition of ideological enemies united only in their lust for power and the spoils that come with it. Imagine a Lalu Yadav foisting his 22-year-old, barely-educated son, on us as a Deputy Prime Minister someday. That is what happens when fractured coalitions are based on expediency and regional needs, and not core beliefs.


Source >>> yahoo