You Want To Learn Sql, Pl/Sql Course In Just 33 Days - Home tuition in thane




There are many training institutes in the city and they teach many courses, someone completed in 6 months, someone in 8 months or someone in 1 to 2 years. We are a team of professional not a training institutes and we are masters in oracle and SQL courses. We will provide you practical knowledge not a theoretical only.



Quality education is must, if you want to grow in today's IT industry, and for this quality atleast you know the basic concept. Any company at the time of the interview, they just ask basic questions or you can say basic concept, they just want to check how many basic concept you know.


We have a different way to teach you, the first basic concept, then 2nd middle level and 3rd advance level with only 30% theoretical and 70% practical knowledge, this 70% practical knowledge will be after each and every session


We will complete your course in just 27 to 33 days. We are providing home tuition also. So for inquiry you can send mail to


Contact no >> 8108672825 (For Thane student only)


Also, we have 800 interview questions on SQL and 700 interview questions Pl/SQL. And that all questions are collected from top companies interviewer.


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