Top 50 PL/SQL Interview Questions and answer


Try below basic query,Execute it and check the output.

executed successfully with output where we can learn.


14.What is replace Function?

it is pl/sql function which is replace a sequence of character by a set of string.


select REPLACE('123123BenchPe', '123') from dual;


select REPLACE('123BenchPe123', '123') from dual;


select REPLACE('222BenchPe', '2', '3') from dual;


select REPLACE('0000123', '0') from dual;


select REPLACE('0000123', '0', ' ') from dual;


15.What is substr Function?


this oracle pl/sql function allow extract substring from string.



16.What is ceil Function?


The Oracle/PLSQL CEIL function returns the smallest integer value that is.


17.What is translate Function?


The Oracle/PLSQL TRANSLATE function replaces a sequence of characters in a string with another set of characters.
However, it replaces a single character at a time.


18.Can you write return keyword in procedure?


No, We can write return keyword only function.


19.Can you write return keyword in procedure?


No, We can write return keyword only function.


20.Can you write function inside function?


Yes we can write.


21.What is types of partition?


Single-Level Partitioning


  • Range Partitioning
  • Hash Partitioning
  • List Partitioning


    Composite Partitioning


  • Composite Range-Range Partitioning
  • Composite Range-Hash Partitioning
  • Composite Range-List Partitioning
  • Composite List-Range Partitioning
  • Composite List-Hash Partitioning
  • Composite List-List Partitioning


    22.where to use bitmap/B* tree index?


    Bitmap index >>> If there are less distinct value then we use bitmap index like gender column, status column,yes,no.


    B Teee index >>> If more distinct values then we use btree index like rollnumber,id,pancard number,passport number.


    23.What are the different type of indexes?


  • Bitmap index
  • binary tree index
  • function based index
  • local index
  • global index

    24.What are the difference type of parameters in a procedure?


  • IN
  • OUT
  • IN OUT

    25.What are the types of exception handling?


  • System Define exception
  • user define exception