Top 8 ways to improve communication skill.

1. Listening skills

Not only speaking, but listening skill is also important, one must listen to the other person's words and engage in communication with what the other is speaking about. Normally people listen only end of sentence. If you listen whole sentence and try to understand what they speak and what they says, how they speak, then it is easy to understand and speak.
Remember a good listener always a great speaker. listen song, listen audio.


2. Practices

Without practices, we can't do any things. It is same like without consuming energy, no machine can work. Start speaking in fort of the mirror, at least half hours in a day, but continues and also try to speak with your friends. Best way to try to speak with a 2-3 year old child, because he doesn't understand a thing but your confidence will grow.


3. Tell a story

We all have a story to tell, stories are powerful. Stories activate our brains, it is good to listen. We can understand it properly, everyone's got at least one great story in them.


Why body language, because you're open to discussion, but your arms are crossed, you are taking but you are looking walls, left, right, up and down. This shows lack of confidence. It is ok if you are wrong. But try to make your body language proper, when you are doing practices start making videos of that and after that you can see your recorded video and you identify your mistakes.


4. Talk

Talk, speak with your friends, or talk alone. when you are free no one with you, just talk with 2-3 year old child by this way you can build your confidence. Reading and listing are ok, but without talking you can't improve your communication skill.



5. Mirror practice

This is important, do at least a half hours mirror practices every day in the morning. Looks your eyes and speak, suppose you are at world conference and million of people looking at you. even amir khan is doing mirror practices before any dialog.



6. Request Feedback

When you are speaking with your friends, just ask for feedback. The best way is recording your voice and listen that recordings. by this way you can analyze yourself.


7. Stay positive

We cannot learn any language in a day, in a month, in a year, it will come by practices. More and more practices, more knowledge so for this you should be positive