Top 7 advantage of using andriod 5.1 lollipop



Google has announced that it is how rolling out andriod 5.1 lollipop, an update which improves stability and performance it has several new features.


Including offical support for multiple SIM cards. High definitation voice calling on phones that support this feature, device protection and more. this would be the first major update to andriod lollipop since its release.


Google made the announcement on its official android blog, where it has been mentioned that 5.1 lallipop will also provide enhancement such as the ability to join WI-FI network and control paired bluetooth devices directly from quick setting as well.


With android lollipop 5.1 more than one SIM card can be used on a device with multiple SIM slot. Lollipop 5.1 will also come with high definition voice calling on mobile phones. Google has added an additional feature called 'Device Protection' which protects your phones when you lose it on if it gets stolen.


It will remain locked until you sign in with your google account, Even if someone resets your device to factor settings.