Top 5 way to make money at home

1. Become a LIC Agents


This is little bit releated with marketing job, But you can say it is good job. This is a little bit related with marketing job, But you can say it is a good job. You will be associated with one of the leading Life Insurance Company of the world. The brand image of LIC of India is huge, people in India identify life Insurances as LIC only.

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Top 5 way to make money at home

If you can create 100 policies, then you will earn 5,000 to 10,000 per month, depend on policies.


2. Teaching job or Tuition

This job is one the best way to make money at home for college student or housewife. By teaching you can make money and also you can improve your skills, Think about a small group of students from standard 1st to 10th.


If you teach at least 40 students (including morning and evening batch) then you will easily earn 10,000 Rs. - 16,000 Rs.


3. Dance, Art and Drawing

Every human being has some hobbies, like dance, drawing, painting, singing, etc. Just think if you teach your hobbies to someone else then. For example, you know dance very well, open dance classes at your home and teach to small age boys and girls and just count money and money.


4. Home made product

Start making some home made product like Cooking Spray,Homemade Brown Sugar,Biscuit Mix,Vanilla Extract,Coffee Creamer,Cake Flour


5. Real state consultant

Nowadays this is one of the booming source of income. This you can do as part time also and you will make good commission



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