Top 5 Games You Should Teach To Your Child.


Why games to your child?. School, tution all things is ok and good but for logical brain, team work, analytical skill,confidence, but for all this games should required.



1. Chess

Chess is best mind booster game. It is known as "the game of kings", this game fitting practice for the strategizing and forecasting. Chess is helpful in teaching, planning and foresight and it is best to improve concentration.


It can raise IQ. It helps in exercising both sides of the brain, and increase your creativity, best for problem-solving skills. Help children gain insights into the nature of competition, which will help them in any competitive endeavor. When younger play chess they must call upon higher order thinking skill, analyze actions and consequences and visualize future possibilities.


2. Carrom game

It is the second best game for brain, from this game your child can learn teamwork, good analytical skill, planning and problem solving sill and most important is controlling power.


3. Scrabble


Remember the feeling down with your mother or father for a leisurely game of scrabble on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Family time may have shrunk over the years, but the game hasn't changed a bit. Play it and expand the afternoon, age 8. It will boost your child English world power.


4. Trasure Hunt

A treasure hunt offers an intense, challenging experience, a simultaneous intellectual and aerobic workout that draws out each player’s knowledge and personality. It’s a great social ice-breaker, and fosters camaraderie.
Treasure hunts are excellent tools to:
Acquaint participants with the history, geography and resources of a location.
Enliven social gatherings and events
Educate participants in new ways of seeing and exploring their environment
Introduce new employees to the company and / or location
Introduce employees working together on a project
Emphasize team-building skills at a formal training session.
Provide a break at a conference or convention
Reward a department for successful completion of a project



5. Hide and Seek

the game of hide and seek brings together children and adults into the sandbox of play. There is a shared mission to alternate exploring and being discovered. The moments of suspense, when one person looks for another adds to the tension which then leads to the excitement of coming together. Fourth, hide and seek reassures children that people in relationships can separate and they can come back together. This dance between separation and reunification is endlessly reassuring because it reminds the child that separations can be temporary and therefore sustainable. Further, it reinforces the tremendous joy in the reunion since there is always fear that coming together will not happen.

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