Top 10 Tips For Fresher



Fresher are totally new to the corporate world, the journey from college to corporate is not easy. There are so many challenges, likes in college there was rules of student or fresher guys, but in the corporate world, there will be rules of the company or the manager or team lead any one that depends.



Oh, oh!!! don't look like this, I am exploring some of the tip's. Below are some point's that you have to keep in your mind.


1. Training

This is very first step, which you have to learn. Each and every company provide training to fresher and also that depend on company what kind of training they provide to you. Mostly what you read in college that doesn't matter, at the time of selection most companies will just check your positive attitude.


At the time of training you need to concentrate as much as possible, because once you learn the functional and technical part then rest of life is in the corporate world will be easy for you. And this kind of training only for 2-3 months, so give it to 100% and see the result. You will be more successful in your life. I know this is a little bit difficult to you, because of college type attitude. But if you control on yourself, then the result will be good.


2. Dressing

Dressing should be good, because it helps to improve your confidence level. It is also important as if you are at on-site then dressing should be good as much as possible.



3. Control

As we know, we from college, so I am not going to listen any one or a trainer. If trainer shout on you that mean you don't do like below picture.



Just control, because trainer is doing her job and you have to do your job. And what is your job, is just to learn nothing more


4. Aim and Goal

Your aim and your goal should be clear that means, where are you after 5 years. And remember, if you are in the same company for 4 to 5 years, then you should ask for on-site. If you are planning for higher studies, then it will be good and if not, then your aim should be on-site after 3 to 4 years



But for this you have to work hard. Be clear for your aim and goal and try to achieve them within a time limit. Don't things too much , as I am doing this and that, at this time you have to concentrate on your work

Just control, because trainer is doing her job and you have to do your job. And what is your job, is just to learn nothing more


5. Team Lead and Manger

Mostly Fresher tries to impress lead and manger by work, may be they want on-site or they just want to imparess.



But this is wrong, you do your work not to impress manger or lead but just to impress yourself. If you impress yourself, then it will best feature..


Hope above points will good for you, I will add some important point in near future.