Top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts You should Know.




If you know top 10 Keyboard Shortcuts then you will work faster
and smarter with this shortcuts.




Keyboard shortcuts are very important, and you can't simply use a mouse for everthing.
See top 10 keyboard shortcuts.



This is first and most useful keyboard shortcuts. You can use Ctr+F in any application,
any system, any web browser, you can find any text or word or any character in word or notepad. By using this we can find number value also. as per data 67% user never use this keyword, they use mouse to find any data.




Ctrl+C is for copy,this keyword is very famous and used by each, who use computer.




Ctrl+X is for cut,this keyword is cut any number or values.




Ctrl+V is for Paste,this keyword is paste any number or values to specific place or doument.




another one is Ctrl+Z, which is “undo.” It undoes the last change, allowing you to quickly revert a change without reaching for the mouse.




i think you know Ctrl+Tab till now, this is commonly use as cycle between open tabs in your browser and cycle between open application.




This is use opposite to Ctrl+Tab, as cycle in reverse.




Alt+tab we can also use in application based interface.




This is releated with to open new browser tab. this focuses the address bar, so you can immediately start typing a search or web address. To focus the address bar on your current tab.




To close current tab in web-browser.