Top 10 Common Lines By Indian IT Professional



Indian IT Professional known as a hard worker and they complete their work on time,


1. Will Open New Company

This is a very common line and every professional want to be Infosys owner and bill gates, but they think this only twice in a year, when not good hike or when no change for on-site.



2. Chai ka Business

Are yar office ke bagal me jo chai wala hai kya profit hai uska, din ka 2000 kamata, chal hum log v chai ka business krte hai



3. Lead

Common line "Mere lead ko toh kuch aata hi nhi", 8 saal ka exp hai phir v thoda v technical nhi aata", "on-site me hai aata,jata ek paise ka v nhi hai", "are yar y log on-site kaise hai, matlab bhejta kun hai in logo ko"



4. hike

Now what is common line about hike, "Kya hike hua hai auto ka khrcha to nikhal gya", "Chai ka dam nikal gya hai","nhi diya hota toh jayda accha tha","C- band diya na ab m paper daluga","itna kam hike diya yar ", "m paper dal rha hu"



5. I will Do

No, good hike now what I will do, will change the job, no on-site this time will change the job, "ab m karuga, job change karuga"



6. M uska Kam Kyo Kru

"Bhai m apna kam end kr ke ja rha hu, aur m uska kam nhi krne wala", "Mera lead dekh na sara kam mujhe chipka ke nikhal leta hai"



7. Release From Project

This line is a powerful weapon for those professional, who know something about the project, If no onsite or not good hike, they use this weapon, "M release le rha hu", "onsite nhi mile na toh m release leluga" and "jayada kam diya toh dekh aaj ke aaj hi release leluga", "bus bhai m release le rha hu".



8. On-Site


If you have 4 years of experience in same project and no on-site, or under false hopes from manager. then the common line by IT guys, "Is bar on-site nhi diya toh m paper dal duga", "Bahar se aa kr log on-site ja rhe hai, lekin mujhe nhi de rha hai","Bat kiya hai,XXXX ne bola DEC me VISA process hoga"



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