Work From Home,Job in thane Earn 90-100 Rs Daily in just 10 mins work



Hey all, you are working person, or college student or just has passed-out or you are more or less than 45 years old, and you want to earn some extra income, has a part time job for you. is in the advertisement, news, health tips, job and more. read below tips how you can earn.


1. Blog's Promotion

If you have accounts on Facebook and you are in many groups or you have your own group then you can earn at least 100 Rs/day. Just do blog promotion on Facebook, share articles of on Facebook, share with your friends and earn more and more.


2. Share blog's in group

If you are members in a number of groups, or you have your own group then share or post our blog's, news, job requirement and more in your groups and earn money each and every day.


How will pay you, for this please click below

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3. advertisement promotion is doing advertisement and business promotion for a number of small shop's and hotels and travel agencies. your job is just promote that advertisement into your groups and with your friends


For calculation, how will pay you, just watch video