simple ways to save more money


Money plays an important role in each one’s life. Smart financial management will help you lead a secure life in a long run. Don’t wait for a lump sum amount to start a savings account. You can save money in small simple ways, here’s how:

1.The 10-rupee note:

Apart from all your saving plans and investment habits, try saving a 10-rupee on a daily basis. It can work as an emergency fund by the end of every year. If you are comfortable saving a bigger denomination daily, save big and strengthen your financial status.


2. Reward points:


Shopping stores and websites offer you reward points on purchasing luxury products. Don’t forget to claim these reward points. Remember to check for points when you make your next purchase.


3. Fitness:

Instead of spending a lump sum amount on a gym membership, it’s always better to exercise and go for walks. Consider joining a fitness regime that you can learn from in a month and continue the regime at home. You could save 11 months of gym fee.


4. Events:

You will be surprised to find out that there are a lot of activities you can engage in without having to pay money. You should find out information about groups who get together for cultural events or outdoor adventures. For example, you don’t need to pay someone to plan a hiking trip, just discover a group that goes regularly and be inspired.


5. Become a LIC Agents


1. Shopping list and credit cards: Are you in love with shopping? Then you should definitely make a checklist before you enter a shopping mall. Experts claim that when people shop with credit cards and gift certificates, they are more likely to make impulse purchases on luxury items.


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