5 Smelly Items From Your Kitchen—The Best Beauty Products!!




PSST!! Here’s a secret for YOU ladies!! There are actually some pretty, amazing & useful beauty products hiding right away in the kitchen.. You don’t believe it ? Well, I’ll tell you..



How many times you have splurged money on a deep conditioner only to find out the results are minimal. Eggs are literally JUST pennies in comparison & can give you the deep conditioning treatment you’ve been searching for (Lovestruck..)

This ONE is really a “Multitasker”. Wondering How? Here’s the answer!!

· Skin—It tackle pores on your skin. It is also believed that applying eggs on your face, slows down ageing of skin by tightening THE skin & keeping it firm. ( I used it personally.. a bit smelly, but yet a goody one)

· Hair—Eggs work as a great conditioner, too. The instructions are very simple & easy to follow. Simply whip them up, apply to your hair, let dry & rinse out.(The amount of eggs you need.. depends on the thickness & length of your hair)



Many Queens & Princess in the history, who had luscious-gorgeous hair & glowing-shinning skin had their beauty regimes in the place itself. Also, one of them being bathing in raw milk. I agree, it’s not pleasant to smell—But the benefits are definitely worth it. Let’s see.. How?

Skin—It is used as a cleansing agent & a moisturiser, too. Its AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) content makes it an effective scrub as well. Throw in some honey into that raw milk & make it into a face mask that you can swear by. Plus, it also soothes skin irritation.

Hair—Milk is a boon for dry & rough hair. Rubbing it on your scalp can nourish your hair from inside & out. Massage it & keep it for sometime & rinse it off with water. This will make your hair naturally soft & silky.



The overwhelming smell of this vegetable can literally bring tears in your eyes.. Right ?

But Girls.. Onions are rich in sulfur, B—Complex, Vitamins A, C & E—This means they’re an amazing addition to YOUR beauty game. They can rejuvenate dull complexion, improve blood circulation & protect us from UV rays & free radicals that age us, while keeping us wrinkle free.

(It includes Quercetin—most powerful antioxidant found in nature—THUS, onions are the answer to youthful & glowing skin)

· Skin—Mix gram flour, nutmeg, onion juice & milk to form a thick paste. Apply evenly to your face after cleansing. Keep it for 15 minutes & start massaging in circular motions. It not only exfoliates dead skin, but fights against acne, TOO.

· Hair—All those with dandruff problems—onions are there to the rescue. Applying onion juice on your scalp daily before a head wash can zap away your dandruff like never before. Also, it helps in hair growth.


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