4 Natural Ways To Make Your Hair Smell GOOD All The Time!






For super fragrance hair locks that smell like fresh flowers & rose petals? Girls, trust me.. this hack is just you can’t skip on & be ready for THE compliments too!!

Rose water doesn’t benefits to your hairs health.. like some other ideas on this list, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t help your hair smell great. But yes, it also moisturizes the hair.

Soak your hair in Rose water or Gulaabjal & its sure to leave a last fragrance to YOUR hair. Its a great natural way to make your hair get peoples attention.



Have YOU ever noticed that you hair doesn’t really smell of anything even though after using flavoured & yummy smelling shampoos??

Well, I have a reasonable answer for this question. Girls.. please be kind to your natural hair. Excess of blow drying, heat styling, straightening or curling is not good always!!

In fact, I’m so guilty of straightening my hair almost every single day!! Using a heat activated product is surely gonna protect YOUR hair. This hack is really gonna do wonders. Plus, your hair will smell good & crisp, TOO.

This will not only keep your ends from frying, but it will help you to maintain fresh smelling strands rather than having them smell burnt.



Another way to get RID of those stinky & foul odour is using lemon juice on your hair. I personally apply it before shower & then wash it off with a mild shampoo. ( The Body Shop Rain-forest Moisture Shampoo is a great one.. Have you ever tried it ?)


Remember you condition them well afterwards, as lemon can be drying. If YOU have light hair, lemons can also lighten it further ( which is actually great for freshening up blonde tones—YEAH) Also, honey can be added to the mix for extra fragrance & scent.



Tomato Juice is absolutely amazing in removing greasiness & odour away from YOUR hair. Apply the juice on the scalp with a rubbing movement & massage it for good 15 to 20 minutes. ( You can also dilute it with water of YOU like)


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